Since 2006, SECONDroom has been organising single-day exhibitions as an independent platform. The initiative of Christophe Floré started in his private house in Brussels. A room on the first floor was transformed into an exhibition space where a different artist was given carte blanche to show work during a public exhibition every Saturday between 18h and 21h. This constant renewal of exhibitions gave SECONDroom an intimate character. Because the duration of the exhibition is limited to a short-lived vernissage, it has the character of an event.

Since its coming into existence, SECONDroom has organised more than 300 exhibitions using this weekly formula. SECONDroom is currently located in Antwerp (Berchem). The current staff members are: Christophe Floré, Tanja Vrancken, David Van Mieghem, Athéna Lazarou and Marc Van Tichel.