We never imagined SECONDroom would be unable to host exhibitions for such a long time. We greatly miss the exhibitions and the casual conversations over drinks at our bar. We have been actively searching for a way to pick up our activities again. Then it dawned on us: if people can no longer come to SECONDroom, we will bring SECONDroom to the people.

The result is SECONDroom Posted: For SECONDroom Posted we convert our physical exhibition space into the format of a postcard.

Within this new format and in line with the spirit of SECONDroom, the artist is once again given carte blanche to fill in this new limited space. In lieu of our weekly exhibitions, we will send out a number of SECONDroom postcards once a week, created and signed by the artist.


Each printed postcard (14.8cm x 10.5cm) is part of a limited edition of 50:

– 20 copies are sent to addresses provided by the artist
– 10 copies are sent to addresses chosen by SECONDroom
– 15 copies are offered for sale online
– 5 copies are for the archives of the artist and SECONDroom

The online sale of 15 postcards per artist will finance the production and delivery of the next batch of postcards.