Since 2006, SECONDroom has been organising single-day exhibitions as an independent platform. The initiative of Christophe Floré started in his private house in Brussels. A room on the first floor was transformed into an exhibition space where a different artist was given carte blanche to show work during a public exhibition every Saturday between 18h and 21h. This constant renewal of exhibitions gave SECONDroom an intimate character. Because the duration of the exhibition is limited to a short-lived vernissage, it has the character of an event. Since its coming into existence, SECONDroom has organised more than 300 exhibitions using this weekly formula. SECONDroom is currently located in Antwerp (Berchem). The current staff members are: Christophe Floré, Tanja Vrancken, David Van Mieghem, Athéna Lazarou and Marc Van Tichel.
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On a regular basis, SECONDroom sends out 30 postcards created and signed by an artist. Originated during the first lockdown as a way to keep in touch between SECONDroom, the artists and the public.
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Sr/Sound is a YouTube channel consisting of playlists of about an hour, compiled by people with creative professions. The channel has the ambition to grow into an international musical archive of creatives. If you are interested in making your own playlist you can always contact us at
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Sr/In-Out (hacking reality) is a platform of SECONDroom where the exhibition no longer takes place in a predestined exhibition space, but in everyday reality. Sr/In-Out chooses as its location a public, operational space (café, park, garage, street ...). SECONDroom invites the artist to realize an intervention. With Sr/In-Out, SECONDroom strives for a pure operation in which more can be done with less and in which the artistic "embeds" itself in everyday life in an informal way.
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SECONDroom x Cneai

This collaboration between SECONDroom and Cneai is based on the production of a series of postcards by a selection of artists who have a close link with Cneai's research.
The artists producing a postcard are:
- Documentation Céline Duval
- A Constructed World
- Leah Singer & Lee Ranaldo
- Conny Purtill
- Koenraad Dedobbeleer
Each edition consists of 2 postcards.
The first is designed by the guest artist and is an edition of 50 cards. Of these, 30 cards will be sent to addresses chosen by the artist, Antoine Duchenet and SECONDroom. 15 cards will go to the archives. 5 will be offered for sale on the SECONDroom website.
The second card is a list of the 30 recipients of the first card. 500 copies of this card will be printed and can be taken away free of charge by the public.
The cards will be presented in turn, at the pace of the exhibition, at the Cneai in Paris.

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